Training Courses: Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Makeup Training: Eyeliner

Permanent makeup techniques are often used to provide clients with permanent eyeliner treatments, and we offer a range of training courses to enable our students to add permanent eyeliner to their service menu. These fall into two general categories – full, bold eyeliner styles including winged designs, and subtle eyelash enhancements that are “barely there” but provide a more defined look to the eyes. Both treatment types are very popular among clients and provide a useful and profitable string to the permanent makeup artists bow, as they can provide more treatments for more clients.

Looking for something else? See our training courses for brows and lips, and our range of beauty courses. Or search by experience level – we offer BeginnerIntermediate and Advanced level courses.

The following permanent eyeliner courses are available to students at Emma Baglee Aesthetics. Please contact us with any questions about course content, qualifications and certifications and availability.

‘The Duo’ lips & Liner Diploma