Medical Tattooing

Medical Tattooing

Lip Tattoo​

Lip tattooing can be utilised for many reasons. The most common uses are the camouflage of cleft lip scars, correction of a lack of lip shape definition concealment of other lip traumas.

When working with scarring or lack of lip tone, the skin responds in different ways, so these advanced techniques are combined to reconstruct various looks and effects, depending on your individual needs.

We know that everyone’s lips are different shapes, sizes and colours, so we understand that not everyone’s lip shade is going to be the way they’d prefer.

That’s where Dark Lip Neutralisation comes in! To ensure your pigmentation or colouring looks even on your lips, we use this treatment to neutralize the darkness by using pigment to cancel out the original dark colour of your lips; this allows us to correct the colour and you to end up with natural, even, lighter lip shade.

This treatment is truly life-changing and very elegant.

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