Is a semi permanent tattooing technique , in which a small handheld tool made up of several tiny needles is used to create thin natural looking hairstrokes by implanting pigment/ colour under the skins upper dermis , this enables it to fade more rapidly than traditional tattooing techniques

Microblading is a new trend however it’s been around for eyebrows emerging from Asia within the last 25 years. Emma updated her original training and was honoured to taught by a world renowned and one of the finest in the field David Zhang.


This ancient art if hair removal originating to Persian culture, in more recent times it’s gained it’s popularity in western countries.

In treading, a thin thread is double and twisted it’s then guided over the areas of unwanted hair plucking them at follicle level this enables the technician to remove more than one at a time unlike plucking and create precise rows and shaping brows very efficiently

This method can be used to remove hair on the entire face and upper lip area, and perfect for sensitive skin