NHS Staff, We're Here For You!

Tired? Under Appreciated? Don't know where to go next?

We have exciting opportunities for you!

Working for the NHS can be incredibly difficult at times. You’re underappreciated, worked to the point of exhaustion, and missing out on time at home with your family. What if you could use your medical skills to continue to help people and choose the hours you work?!

  We can help you utilise your medical skills and turn them into a successful career in Permanent Makeup! Permanent makeup is incredibly popular and helps people regain the confidence they lost a long time ago by enhancing their natural features. We offer an extensive training program that encourages you to become your own boss.

Times are scary at the moment, but we’re here to help you every step of the way! A Career in Permanent Makeup Could be for you!

Be Your Own Boss in a Profitable Career!