Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup


This is a highly skilled semi permanent makeup method used to enhance and reconstruct the brows, framing your face perfectly. Our team has a broad and comprehensive array of skills to produce different effects truly tailoring and achieving your full brow goals.

Sometimes referred to as an eyebrow tattoo, we start off discussing your concerns and then draw a sketch on the desired effect using a professional brow pencil, this is then tweaked to achieve a look that truly suits your individual face shape and preferences until you fully approve of your new brows.

When everyone is happy only then are they reconstructed and reinforced with a layer of pigment placed under the dermal layer of your skin, enabling you to say goodbye to daily pencils and see a full well groomed shaped brow.

There are various effects available from Hairstroke brows that mimic natural hairs built up and achieving a very natural enhanced look, to an ombre powdered effect that looks like a freshly pencilled or powdered appearance.

Our combination brows combine all techniques, incorporating microblading at the front the finest of hairs and then using the digital machine we create both hairs and powder effects giving a very crisp brow ready for every occasion.

Permanent Makeup


Time to put down the daily eye pencils and gel liquid liners and have this fantastic time saving treatment. This is highly endorsed by opticians saving the build up of tiny fragments that can damage your eye over time, plus is perfect for failing eyesight enabling you to continue to have the look you are used to wearing.

Pigment is carefully placed within the lash line with a very fine needle driven by our digital machine, this creates the illusion of framed lashes and can give them the appearance of length. This can be enhanced further taking the line thicker out of the lash line to create a mini liner or even a full flicked effect.

Our ombre powdered flick liner is created using a combination of all techniques enhancing the eye fully with the ultimate powdered eyeliner look.

All permanent makeup treatments are bespoke and created over two sessions, full price includes a complimentary second session after 4-8 weeks
To maintain all your permanent makeup treatments we recommend a colour boost every 12-18 months

Permanent Makeup


Always wanted to achieve a full and defined lip shape packed with a stunning colour, then this is the perfect treatment for you. Enhancing with semi permanent makeup enables you to achieve that look, recreating the lip shape you’ve longed for or used to have and lost over time or through scarring.

Clients often have concerns with contour lip thinning. Permanent makeup helps recreate that full looking Cupid bow and puts colour back into a faded lip shape.

A lip line eliminates lipstick smearing and is loved by lipstick and gloss wearers, as they can still apply further lip colours over or leave it still looking stunning without daily makeup.

All treatments are bespoke and created over two sessions. Our price includes a complimentary second session after 4-8 weeks.

To maintain all your permanent makeup treatments we recommend a colour boost every 12-18 months.

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Permanent Makeup

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